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Soil Engineering in Geothermal Loop Trials

As part of a site investigation for a commercial development in London, Soil Engineering have installed a Geothermal Loop for a Ground Sourced Heat Pump (GSHP) trial.

The 40mm diameter loop was installed into an 200mm diameter borehole formed to 70m below ground level. The 70m long loop was installed into the borehole with centralising spacers and the annulus backfilled with a specifically designed thermal grout. The borehole and loop design was specified by Consulting Engineer Arup and the grout was specially mixed to match the thermal conductivity of the geology and lithology of the borehole.

A Thermal Conductivity Test was carried out over a 48 hour period by specialist subcontractor GECCO2, with an additional 24 hour cool down period.

The results of the TCT will be used to design the Ground Sourced Heat Pump well field to meet the anticipated heating and cooling requirements of the commercial development.

Manchester Sewer Network

Soil Engineering have been awarded a £430,000 site investigation contract under the United Utilities Framework Agreement.


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