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State-of-the-art equipment for Soil Engineering’s geotechnical laboratory

The Leeds laboratory of Soil Engineering have recently added to their extensive equipment inventory having taken delivery of some of the very latest state-of-the-art Automatic Oedometer Systems from GDS Instruments.

The new units will augment the thirty existing ‘conventional’ fully data-logged oedometers already in use in the laboratory.

The new units are self-contained with the applied loads generated by stepper motor, thus avoiding the need for conventional hanging weights, and are controlled using a dedicated computer which allows programming of the devices and also acts as a data-logger . They offer a number of significant advantages to Soil Engineering.

Amongst these are:

  • Can be pre-programmed with numerous incremental loading stages which allow the test to proceed automatically to the next load increment once defined end of consolidation conditions have been met.
  • Increased sample throughput due to progressing to the next stage at any time of the day or night including weekends.
  • No manual intervention required to place weights
  • Fully datalogged
  • Options for Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) consolidation are available for the future

Laboratory Manager Stuart Kirk commented “This new equipment will allow us to offer an improved service for oedometer testing and offers particular advantages for tests with large numbers of loading increments or where test throughput is particularly critical.”

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