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Full Revision of BS 5930 Published


BS 5930 in various versions has been the ‘standard’ for all UK ground investigation for several decades.

It has been the reference or ‘go to’ document for all those involved with specifying intrusive ground investigations.

There was some doubt as to whether the document would survive the influx of new standards associated with the UK adoption of Eurocodes in 2010.

Fortunately enough practitioners in the industry stated the case to retain the standard as the valuable discursive document it has always been!

After several years in the drafting, the fully rewritten and updated version of BS 5930 has now been published. This new version of the standard for ground investigation in the UK may represent the last time that the document is updated in such a comprehensive manner.

BS 5930: 2015 now makes onward reference to all the current suite of British Standards that have appeared since the UK adoption of Eurocodes into UK practice in April 2010.

There should now be no excuse for the geotechnical community in the UK, to be confused as to what should be specified with respect to all the various aspects of ground investigation, whether intrusive or non-intrusive. The latest version retains its useful discursive text that provides the reader with valuable notes relating to each of the investigative methods described.

There will of course be on going publication of other British Standards that will impact on ground investigation. This latest version does however ‘pull together’ the myriad of standards that already exist and should provide a valuable reference document for several years.

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