Soletanche Bachy Group

Both Bachy and Soletanche were founded in France during 1922 and 1931 respectively. Although less diverse, Bachy focused solely on construction drilling and site investigation works, whilst Soletanche specialised in complex dam water – leak sealing techniques. Innovative design in both product and application techniques saw both companies develop into strong corporate organisations.

In 1997 the two French parent companies merged to create the largest geotechnical construction company in the world, employing over 4,000 employees worldwide, in 70 offices. The Group turnover today exceeds £1 billion.

The United Kingdom subsidiary company of Bachy was established in 1986, upon the acquisition of existing companies Pigott Foundations, and Foundation Engineering Ltd. Together with Soletanche, the combined attributes of each company have brought a diverse range of innovative, resourceful design and quality construction, allied with the corporate investment and international resource from the European Parent Company.

A significant proportion of Group revenues are invested in a Research and Development policy to keep pace with, and anticipate clients’ needs. Many innovative projects, often conducted jointly with outside partners, attest to this commitment.

In this way, the Group always has at its disposal leading-edge, environmentally-friendly materials and methods. This major R&D effort contributes to the growth of the Company on the world markets.

Soletanche Bachy Group holds more than one hundred patents issued throughout the world (500 patents delivered).

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