Olympicopolis, Stratford Waterfront

Project Summary

Soil Engineering were instructed to undertake a ground investigation for the redevelopment of the former Olympic water polo venue. The site known as Stratford Waterfront is to be redeveloped into ‘Olympicopolis’ a cultural, educational, and residential centre. The development will house two 30+ storey residential towers as well as a 14 storey University of Arts London facility and new multi-storey buildings to house a Sadler’s Wells Theatre, a new Victoria and Albert Museum and a satellite of the world renowned Smithsonian Museum. Soil Engineering mobilised to site just one week after contract award to undertake 4 cable percussion pre-bores to prove the top of the Lambeth Group prior to 3 in-house DPR equipped rotary rigs mobilising to undertake rotary coring follow on along with DPR, SPT’s and Pressuremeter testing up to 60mBGL. In addition a number of machine excavated trial trenches up to 9m long and 4m deep were undertaken to locate buried historic foundations. On completion of the cable percussion pre-bores Soil Engineering undertook 18no shallow boreholes to install contamination monitoring wells to 5mBGL through highly compacted made ground including a super-crane mat and locally heavy contamination. During the site works the client instructed us to drill 2no. 12” diameter cable percussion holes in order to facilitate acoustic monitoring from the adjacent railway lines. Upon completion of the rotary coring up to 5no. Vibrating wire piezometers were installed at each location. After field work a number of monitoring visits were undertaken to monitor the gas and groundwater as well as to undertake in situ gas sampling.

Soil Engineering Solution

Soil Engineering completed works on programme and within the required 4 week window to enable PC handback to the client.

The scope of works comprised:

  • 4 No. Cable percussive pre-bores
  • 4 No. Rotary core follow on to 60m with Pressuremeters, DPR and SPT’s
  • 18 No. Cable percussion Holes
  • 5No. Machine excavated trenches
  • Red site conditions locally
  • Geotechnical and Environmental sampling with specialist laboratory testing
  • Post fieldwork gas and groundwater monitoring and gas sampling

The main works were completed in less than 4 weeks utilising primarily in house drilling plant and resources as well as specialist subcontractor to undertake High Pressure Dilatometer testing.

Soil Engineering Value

Due to an extremely limited access window to the site Soil Engineering were required to mobilise two cable percussion and three DPR equipped rotary rigs at only 1 weeks’ notice in order to achieve completion of the works within 4 weeks. All drill crews were required to operate KeyLogBook to enable rapid supply of checked data as well as laboratory schedules to the client.

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