Padworth Rail Sidings, Padworth Berkshire

VINCI Construction UK Limited initially commissioned SETS to review the previous remedial works carried out at the site known as Padworth rail sidings. The site had previously been used as rail sidings to the north, a small industrial area to the west and historical gravel extraction in the centre and east. A petroleum rail terminal was located on the northern boundary of the site.

Previous ground investigations identified contamination of the sub soils with petroleum hydrocarbons. The remediation carried out on site consisted of the pump and treat method for the groundwater and bio-piles for treatment of the soils. During the development works VINCI Construction UK Limited identified areas of contamination that had previously been missed. The contamination consisted of asbestos contaminated soils and railway sleepers saturated with hydrocarbons along with hydrocarbon contaminated soils. In order to comply with the developments’ planning conditions SETS were then instructed to assess the contamination and produce a remediation strategy with the aim of retaining as much soil on site as possible.

New remediation criteria were developed by SETS and approved by the Environment Agency. The remediation criteria were based on the risks to groundwater and the reuse of site won material in areas of hard standing only. The remediation consisted of segregation of contaminated soils and railway sleepers.

The segregated material was placed in stockpiles and validation testing carried out. Asbestos contaminated soils were stockpiled separately and asbestos quantification testing was carried out during a visual screening process. This resulted in the reduction of hazardous waste from hydrocarbon and asbestos contaminated soils being disposed of to a landfill site.

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