Sellafield B30 Boreholes

Soil Engineering were contracted to undertake an intrusive ground investigation within the “Separated Area” at Sellafield under controlled area working procedures.

Vibration monitoring was to be undertaken throughout the operations to demonstrate negligible drilling effects.

The investigation was undertaken to install groundwater monitoring points to provide information on the groundwater regime to the North and West of a key building.

Soil Engineering Solution
The works completed comprised boreholes formed to a maximum depth of 12.50m using 300mm, 250mm and 200mm diameter temporary casings and tools, with the installation of environmental seals to prevent the downward migration of any potential contamination. Screening for TNT and its degradation products was undertaken by the Sellafield Ltd environmental scientist on samples obtained throughout the investigation.

Since work and exposure limits are restricted to a maximum of 4 hours within Separated Area, Soil Engineering elected to undertake the works using 2 x 2 man crews splitting the daily shift to 4 hours each. The Site Engineer split his 4 hour exposure time over the full 8 hour shift. All Health Physics Monitoring was undertaken by radiation moniting personnel to a regime determined by the RPA (Radiation Protection Adviser) provided by Sellafield Limited.

Soil Engineering Value
Soil Engineering were required to propose suitably detailed method statements and risk assessments for the safe completion of the works. Drilling Crews and the Managing Site Engineer were required to undergo extra security clearance vetting, radiation medical screening as well as Classified Worker Training to work in Separated Area; this included undergoing training for the wearing and working in PVC shilo suits and full respirator systems.

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