Transport Scotland’s Forth Replacement Crossing

The wholly owned in-house resources, geotechnical expertise and geotechnical testing laboratories of Soil Engineering have proved to be a winning combination for Transport Scotland’s Forth Replacement Crossing ground investigation requirements.

Soil Engineering has recently been awarded their sixth ground investigation contract associated with the new bridge. The initial project was awarded in 2005 and comprised a combination of cable percussion and rotary cored boreholes, trial pits, pavement coring and in situ testing carried out at Kincardine, using Soil Engineering’s in-house resources.

Subsequent works were awarded in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for intrusive ground investigations, surface geophysical surveys and in situ testing. The works were undertaken in order to characterise the ground conditions for the proposed replacement crossing and revised road alignments including new junctions North and South of the Forth Estuary. Information was also obtained for use in the design of embankments, cuttings and structures associated with the new approach roads.

The most recent award is for undertaking investigations to determine subsurface ground and groundwater conditions on the site of the proposed gantry sign bases.

To date the works undertaken by Soil Engineering have totalled in excess of £2m.

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