Whiskey Distillery, River Clyde, Glasgow

Project Summary

In June 2014, Soil Engineering were commissioned to undertake a ground investigation for a proposed new build whisky distillery on the quay wall, adjacent to the River Clyde in the City of Glasgow.

The scheme required an assessment of the nature and composition of the materials underlying the proposed development. The fill materials within the quay wall were anticipated to comprise significant quantities of boulders and other awkward obstructions, which would present difficult drilling conditions.

The investigation was designed to provide geotechnical parameters and the soil characteristics of the natural deposits underlying the quay wall fill materials.

Soil Engineering Solution

The anticipated difficult drilling conditions of the fill material were overcome with the use of large diameter rotary Symmetrix techniques. This method of drilling simultaneously cased the boreholes as they were extended through the fill material using destructive, open holing drilling methods. The formation of these holes acted as launch holes and facilitated the extension of the boreholes into the natural ground using conventional cable percussive boring techniques.

The cable percussive boring achieved undisturbed samples of natural ground for geotechnical testing and analysis, as well as enabling downhole in situ testing.

The scope of works comprised:

  • 4no boreholes advanced using rotary symmetrix boring systems and cable percussion drilling, sunk to depths of between 9.5m and 20.0m
  • In situ testing and sampling

Soil Engineering Value

SEGL worked with the design engineers to develop the safest and most cost effective solution for this problematic site. The works encountered challenging ground conditions, including large quay wall obstructions and tidal conditions, and were completed using in house drilling plant and resources.

The investigations were completed successfully and provided Mason Evans with detailed ground information which allowed them to make informed foundation designs for the proposed Whisky Distillery.

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