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A82 Tarbet to Inverarnan Detailed Ground Investigation Works

The existing A82 between Tarbet to Inverarnan requires upgrading due to a number of issues including narrow widths, poor accesses, tight bends, poor visibility and consistently wet roads, even in dry weather. All these issues cause low journey speeds, a high accident rate and poor journey time reliability. The A82 Tarbet to Inverarnan scheme proposes to upgrade the existing A82 road corridor, and contribute to an improvement in the connection between the Highlands and Islands, and the Central Belt.

The scope of the ground investigation works to be completed by Soil Engineering includes Ecological and Archaeological Surveying, Overwater and Land based exploratory holes; Land and Water based geophysical surveying; In-situ and laboratory testing; Groundwater/ground gas monitoring; Laboratory testing; and Reporting, in Text and AGS 4 formats. The works, located in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, will be managed from our Coatbridge office, with support from our Major Projects team.

Scottish Transport Minister Oversees Start of Works on A9 Ground Investigation

Soil Engineering were recently awarded the Birnam to Tay Crossing Ground Investigation work package, a five mile section of Transport Scotland’s £3 billion A9 Dualling scheme.

It is proposed to improve and upgrade the existing A9 between the Pass of Birnam and the River Tay Crossing, from single carriageway to dual carriageway standard. The ground investigation is being undertaken to provide geotechnical and geo-environmental information for the design process for the new road scheme.

The objective of the investigation is to form exploratory holes in soil and rock to obtain samples for geotechnical analysis whilst facilitating in-situ testing and the installation and monitoring of in ground instrumentation.

The investigation works are to be undertaken on or adjacent to the existing A9 carriageway and the existing Highland Mainline Railway, as well as a number of water courses and environmentally sensitive areas.

Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown was on site 27th May to meet Soil Engineering and to officially launch the start of the works. Mr Brown said “Our commitment to dual the A9 between Perth and Inverness is unwavering, and underlined in recent weeks with the first of three multi-million pound design contracts awarded, and the remaining two expected before the year is out”

“I’ve seen for myself today the start of ground investigations work for the section between Birnam and Tay Crossing which is vital to help inform the design process and help move towards publishing the draft orders next year. This section presents some particular challenges and we are working hard to minimise any impacts to properties, the railway and the environment.”

Soil Engineering Geoservices are acutely awareof the environmentally sensitive nature of the Pass of Birnam to River Tay Crossing area and the challenges this presents e.g.the River Tay Special Area Conservation (SAC) and the proximity to settlements at Birnam, Dunkeld and Inver.

Soil Engineering propose to undertake the works with the following modern plant and equipment:

  • 6 No. Cable percussive Rigs
  • 5 No. Rotary drilling rigs

Testing of samples obtained will be carried out at Soil Engineering Geoservices in house geotechnical laboratory.

Site works are programmed to last 22 weeks.

State-of-the-art equipment for Soil Engineering’s geotechnical laboratory

The Leeds laboratory of Soil Engineering have recently added to their extensive equipment inventory having taken delivery of some of the very latest state-of-the-art Automatic Oedometer Systems from GDS Instruments.

The new units will augment the thirty existing ‘conventional’ fully data-logged oedometers already in use in the laboratory.

The new units are self-contained with the applied loads generated by stepper motor, thus avoiding the need for conventional hanging weights, and are controlled using a dedicated computer which allows programming of the devices and also acts as a data-logger . They offer a number of significant advantages to Soil Engineering.

Amongst these are:

  • Can be pre-programmed with numerous incremental loading stages which allow the test to proceed automatically to the next load increment once defined end of consolidation conditions have been met.
  • Increased sample throughput due to progressing to the next stage at any time of the day or night including weekends.
  • No manual intervention required to place weights
  • Fully datalogged
  • Options for Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) consolidation are available for the future

Laboratory Manager Stuart Kirk commented “This new equipment will allow us to offer an improved service for oedometer testing and offers particular advantages for tests with large numbers of loading increments or where test throughput is particularly critical.”

Soil Engineering Geoservices are looking forward to working with Northumbrian Water Ltd

Soil Engineering Geoservices have been appointed as one of three site investigations contractors to provide Northumbrian Water Ltd with site investigations services under a Framework Agreement.

The agreement which will run for an initial three years with an option to extend for a further two years is for the provision of Geotechnical Site Investigation Services in connection with the on-going capital investment infrastructure maintenance programme.

Services will be provided to Northumbrian Water Limited in both the North and South operating areas; Northumberland Water in the North East of England, and Essex & Suffolk Water in the South East of England.

Soil Engineering proposes to administer the Framework centrally from their Leeds office under the control of a dedicated Project Manager. The north east region will also be serviced from the Leeds office whilst operations in the south east will be serviced from SEG’s Camberley office. All geotechnical laboratory testing will be carried out at the Soil Engineering’s in house UKAS accredited laboratory at Leeds.

International Award for Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited

Now part of the Bachy Soletanche Group, Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited has cast its net beyond UK shores and has succeeded with being awarded its first international contract.


Continued Success With Thames Water Tunnels Projects

Following the successful completion of Thames Tunnel over water site investigation between Hammersmith and Deptford in 2011, Soil Engineering have been awarded two associated land based packages of work.

The over land phases of site investigation for the Thames Tunnel project amount to a total value of £1m and comprise the Abbey Mills to Kings Stairs Ground Investigation Project and the Greenwich Connection Ground Investigation Scheme.


Manchester Sewer Network

Soil Engineering have been awarded a £430,000 site investigation contract under the United Utilities Framework Agreement.


Appointed Sole Provider of Site Investigation Services at Dounreay

Soil Engineering has recently been appointed Sole Supplier of Site Investigation Services under the Dounreay Site Restoration Limited Framework Agreement.


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