Geotechnical Laboratory

Centrally located at Leeds, the laboratory is one of the largest single site UKAS ISO 17025 accredited geotechnical testing laboratories in Britain.

The temperature controlled laboratory facilities include an area of 1,500m2 for the storage of 80,000 soil samples including 10,000 undisturbed soil samples. Our purpose built Core Store and Logging Facility is capable of holding 5,500m of core in a temperature controlled environment.

The Soil Engineering laboratory is equipped to carry out the full suite of tests specified in BS 1377:1990 Methods of Tests for Civil Engineering Purposes. The laboratory carries out ISRM rock tests including slake durability, Brazil tensile strength, Unconfined Compression, Youngs’ Modulus and Poissons Ratio, for which Soil Engineering is one of only a few accredited laboratories in the UK. Other specialist testing, including for lime stabilisation, is also carried out.

The laboratory has bespoke automatic data logging systems which capture one dimensional consolidation test, triaxial compression test and shear box test data.

Soil Engineering accepts soil, rock and aggregate samples from customers and sites throughout the British Isles as well as from a growing international client base. The laboratory also carries out testing on a sub contract basis for site investigation companies.

The Soil Engineering laboratory achieved initial UKAS certification in 1993 and extended the scope of certification in 1994 to include in situ testing. In subsequent years the range of accredited testing has progressively increased.

The soil and rock laboratory of Soil Engineering is one of the largest in the UK, both in terms of number of samples it can process and also in terms of the scope of testing offered:

  • Soil Testing
  • Rock Testing
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Sample Description & Photography
  • Advice on Testing
  • Digital reports in PDF Format
  • Reports in AGS Format

In Situ Testing Services:

  • Plate Load Tests
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • In Situ Density
  • Soakaway Testing
  • Borehole Permeability Testing

For full details of UKAS Certification Schedules and Certificates visit:

Leeds Laboratory No. 1265

The Soil Engineering laboratory is ISO 9001 certified ensuring a high quality effective service.

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