Technical Services

Soil Engineering Technical Services will manage your project from inception to completion, encompassing desk study, Phase II design and implementation, laboratory testing and interpretative report services.

In an industry where legislation and guidance changes frequently, wouldn’t it be reassuring for a single organisation to be responsible for all below and above ground investigation and design?

Due to an ever increasing demand in the geo-environmental marketplace for such a service, Soil Engineering’s Technical Services offers a complete advisory service on all geotechnical and environmental issues.

By harnessing both geotechnical and environmental staff within one company, Technical Services is able to offer clients a ‘One Shop’ approach to the investigation and development of sites. By providing a comprehensive desk study, the design and implementation of Phase II ground investigations, geo-environmental laboratory testing and EC7 compliant reporting, together with site remediation strategies and validation reporting Technical Services is able to oversee projects from inception to completion.

Technical Services has a track record built up over several years, offering its services to the UK wide geo-environmental market. The business has quickly built up a portfolio of diverse and challenging projects encompassing all aspects of geo-environmental engineering.

Technical Services offer the following full range of services:

  • Tender evaluation services
  • Phase I desk studies
  • Phase II investigation design
  • Phase II investigation implementation
  • Geotechnical interpretative reports, including GIR to EC7
  • Environmental interpretative reports
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria testing
  • Remediation statements
  • Validation of remedial works
  • Ground gas modelling
  • Quality sampling service
  • Short and long term monitoring
  • Construction phase support

Technical Services offer a tender evaluation service which summarises construction data into a format that identifies potential risk as an early stage. This, coupled with the ability to deliver cost savings during ground works in relation to foundation design and the characterisation of waste, makes Technical Services a valuable addition to any project.

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