Plant Holding

Soil Engineering have a broad holding of plant, in keeping with the wide range of investigative and treatment disciplines offered by our teams.

Our Stores and Maintenance facilities at Leeds,  Coatbridge and Dartford allow us to ensure that the right plant is in place, with the right equipment, at the right time. Our fleet is constantly updated and upgraded, but currently includes:

Cable Percussive Drilling:

  • 4no Dando 2000 (Including pendant rotary capability)
  • 6no Dando 3000

Rotary Ground Investigation:

  • 2no Soilmech SM8G
  • 2no Soilmech SM6G
  • 4no Boart DB520 (Track and Marooka mounted)
  • 1no Beretta T41
  • 1no Commachio 205
  • 1no Boart DB515
  • 2no Tractor Mounted Rotary (Dando and HE)

Dynamic Sampling and Testing:

  • 2no Dando Terrier
  • Rotary Percussive Drilling
  • 1no EGT VD700
  • 1no EGT 1500
  • 3no Boart DB420
  • 1no Klemm 904
  • 2no Soilmech SM8
  • 3no Soilmech SM14

Our wide range of support equipment includes:

  • 8no Grout Mixers (from 0.25t to 4t Capacity)
  • A wide range of grout pumps to suit power and grout supply requirements
  • Water tanks up to 20m3, with supply and coring Pumps to a wide range of capacities
  • Horizontal Powder silo with Screwfeed
  • Bespoke Shaft Safety Platforms up to 20m in length, with full temporary works support to accommodate the majority of our drilling fleet.

Our workshops are equipped with full fume extraction facilities to ensure plant can be safely serviced and tested year round, with fabrication facilities to allow bespoke manufacture of equipment as necessary.

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