ABP Perth – Ground Investigation

Keeping it in the family, our sister company Roger Bullivant engaged Soil Engineering to provide data for foundation design. In order to provide value-engineered foundation solutions, Bullivant’s required additional information on rockhead depth and condition at their client’s site in Perth.

Using the flexibility of our high quality supply chain we mobilised rapidly to site and undertook a Rotary Openhole borehole to rockhead, with Rotary Core follow-on to establish material characteristics of the bedrock. Logged by one of our in-house Engineering Geologists, the results were turned around rapidly, and in AGS 4 format, allowing straightforward integration into the site model.

Drilling records were issued daily to keep the Designers continually updated, informing their design as works went on. This allowed early confirmation that only a single hole was required (as results tallied well with existing data) and therefore helped manage our client’s programme and budget. The data recovered provided clear answers to the designers, in a prompt timescale, allowing them to finalise a cost-effective design for their client.

This small project is a great example of how we can add value to foundation design projects, with rapid and accurate data production decreasing risk and providing design confidence.

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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