Structural Coring

On Land

Over Water

Soil Engineering are able to undertake a variety of coring techniques for structural investigations. Using either full size rotary drilling rigs to achieve deep cores through piles and other foundations, or smaller hand-held equipment for wall thickness and carriageway construction, there is a solution available for every scenario.

Our Rotary Drilling Rigs can be utilised both inside and outside buildings, or on construction sites, to undertake evaluation of existing piled structures for re-use, or for quality assessment of new foundations. A combination of techniques means that this can be undertaken to allow not only recovery of pile material for testing, but also for the deployment of downhole cameras and geophysical techniques for further investigation.

Smaller, hand held or surface mounted, diamond drilling equipment can be used to undertake investigation into retaining walls and similar vertical structures where construction details are required. Cores of up to 300mm diameter can be recovered using this approach, with past project recovering cores of a smaller diameter to depths in excess of 18m {LINK CASE STUDY NOTTINGHAM STRUCTURE CORES}. As with our other investigation techniques, data is recorded digitally on site, and can be available next day for reactive design.

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