Trial Pitting and Excavation

On Land

As the primary method of investigating mass soil fabric, and a vital opportunity for bulk sampling of materials for earthworks testing. Trial Excavations are a cornerstone of many Ground Investigations.

Soil Engineering can provide a wide variety of excavation techniques, using hand digging where necessary, and have a proven record of large scale investigation excavations to depths in excess of 12 metres. Excavations can be shored for man entry where necessary either for progression or for inspection by Geotechnical Engineers.

Our capabilities include Insitu testing within trial pits (Plate Bearing Capacity, CBR, Shear Vane, Soakaway), Bulk and Block sampling for Laboratory testing and detailed structural and stratigraphic logging by our Engineers and Geologists for design data. This includes Scanlines, fissure and shear plane logging, and detailed sampling for profiling soil behaviour. Our teams are able to coordinate with both Archaeologists and Structural Engineers to provide multiple datasets from a single excavation, providing cost and programme savings.

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