Active Hearing Protection for Active Safety

As part of our HomeSafe+People programme, we are continually improving all aspects of safety within our business. Holding a key place in our latest safety rollout, our new PPE System, is the provision of Active Hearing Protection. We’ve identified that the variable noise levels created by Cable Percussive Drilling are a complex issue for hearing protection. Background noise levels from the rig engine are very different to the intense peak levels caused by impacts during drilling. Lessening these noise peaks through PPE can lead to over-compensation for background noise, making communication difficult. Soil Engineering are taking the progressive step of investing in Active Hearing Protection for our crews. This will provide flexible mitigation, allowing for improved protection and communication.

Working with our supply chain partners Arco and JSP, we have identified and trialled a product which has been well received by our crews. With the rollout to Cable Percussive Drillers complete, and well received, we have now commenced a similar programme with our Rotary Percussive crews. Coming as part of a full revision of our company-wide PPE system, this represents a further major investment in the safety of our workforce, and the establishment of a new baseline standard across our operations. In combination with our rollout of an upgraded hard hat, featuring  integrated eye protection, we feel we’ve taken the safety of our workforce forward another step on our journey.

Active Hearing Protection
Our new Active Hearing Protection system and Eye Protection integrated into the Hard Hats being rolled out across the business

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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