Safety is a state of mind. Health and safety is of paramount importance to Soil Engineering Geoservices Ltd., as it is for most companies in the UK construction sector. Therefore, it is essential to strive to manage and minimise the risks encountered on our sites on a daily basis.

Whilst ultimate responsibility may largely rest with employers, employees also have responsibilities. In recognition of this, and to acknowledge the importance of everyone’s overall attitude to safety and to promote it, we have launched our very own safety programme, HOMESAFE.

We have based the HOMESAFE concept around the ethos, ‘Safety is a State of Mind’ and it is a rolling programme aimed at improving our safety culture for the benefit of everyone. It not only reviews specific tasks related to our daily operations, but it is also designed to ensure that site personnel arrive HOME, SAFE at the end of the working day. More importantly, it strives to promote overall safety awareness and to think SAFE in all that we do, including at HOME.

The first edition was launched through two presentations to the management teams and also to Soil Engineering Geoservices Ltd. The purpose was to present the reasoning behind the campaign, to go through the first edition of the pack and to demonstrate how HOMESAFE can develop in the future to become an essential part of our working practice.

In Summary

HOMESAFE is a programme:

  • To enable us to achieve a step change in our attitude towards safety
  • That affects us all so is designed to be cascaded down our whole organisation
  • That should encompass partners, clients, main contractors, professional teams and most importantly, our subcontractors

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