Modern Slavery Statement

Soil Engineering Geoservices Ltd is one of the UK’s leading specialist geotechnical contractors with a proven capability in all elements of ground investigation and stabilisation.

Soil Engineering is also part of the VINCI Group of companies, one of the largest global built environment organizations. Being part of the same group lends itself to collaborative working, following similar procedures and having access to a global resource in terms of people, equipment, technology and common suppliers.

All group companies share a mutual code of ethics and conduct, the code is delivered by the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the VINCI Group. Principles of the code of ethics and conduct are reflected within our vision of developing our modern slavery statement.

Soil Engineering takes its responsibility to avoid and mitigate any modern slavery in its operations extremely seriously. To that end we have developed a detailed policy and strategy that runs over 3 years to support this statement. Our approach to modern slavery shall be governed by our main board, who shall provide leadership from the top down, continually striving for best practice and leading by example. Our modern slavery policy will be communicated to our supply chain, embedded into our procurement policy and will become a part of the way we work.
Supply Chain

We have a robust approach to supply chain management and understand that it is critical to the success of our modern slavery strategy and policy to engage with, support and develop our supply chain in this regard.

In developing our strategy and policy in relation to modern slavery, Soil Engineering Limited has taken the following steps:

  1. Created and lead a Modern Slavery Working Group, with members from different disciplines and various parts of the UK businesses within the VINCI Group
  2. Started recording information relating to modern slavery during the prequalification process.
  3. Communicated its policy and statement to internal employees
  4. Communicated its policy and statement to its supply chain.


Group Modern Slavery Policy 2022

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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