2021 Christmas Donations

At a time when people can struggle to cope, or even to put food on the table, we believe we have a role to play in trying to help. In making a series of Christmas donations this year, we hope these can go some way to helping

Our project team at East Airdrie identified a local mental health support charity, Chris’s House, as a target for their support. Providing a safe space for people in, or approaching, mental health crisis, Chris’s House works in the community in which may of our staff live. Providing support to this local organisation to continue its valuable work in one of our home communities is a great way for the team to mark carrying out a key project virtually on our doorstep.

Our Leeds staff have made a massive effort with their collection for the Leeds South and East Food Bank this year. With decreased numbers of staff present or visiting the office it looked like it might be a struggle to make a difference but…

…Through the generosity of our staff, and a supporting donation from the company, we managed to pull together a donation we hope will help those struggling in our local community.

We’ve also made a significant donation to a Primary School local to our HQ. Springwell Academy are pulling out all the stops to make sure at every child can enjoy Christmas this year, regardless of their situation. To support the school in providing food and a gift for each child, we provided a cash donation to help boost the coffers of their support team.

We sincerely hope that each of these donations, in their own way, makes someone’s life a little better this Christmas.

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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