Innovative and Adaptive Approach to Data Quality and Compliance

Consistency, quality and compliance, three key terms when we produce data at Soil Engineering.

Practicality and flexibility are also vital to our work, and therefore we’ve developed an innovative solution to the vital issues of SPT rod centralising.

Rather than require our teams to carry a multitude of centraliser devices to fit each casing diameter in a borehole, drilling crews at Soil Engineering are now equipped with our new adaptable centraliser. Capable of spanning casing from 6” to 12” diameter, locking into place, and providing a fixed reference point for measurement, the new device supports further developments in quality and compliance. With our crews routinely audited by the British Drilling Association, we know the combination of a high quality workforce, and high quality equipment leads to a high quality result.

To inquire about availability for our crews to carry out their high-quality data collection on your sites, just fill in the form here and we’ll come straight back to you.

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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