Mental Health First Aid – Improving Access for All

As part of Soil Engineering’s commitment to the Building Mental Health Charter, we’ve had around a dozen of our staff trained to provide mental Health First Aid. However, we’re going one step further. To improve the flexibility of our training, and provide even greater future accessibility, we’re working with Mental Health First Aid England. Two of our staff have completed the training to become a Mental Health First Aid instructor and can now deliver the Adult two day MHFA course on behalf of MHFA England.

This development will allow us to increase the number of Mental Health First Aiders within the business, and also provide training to other companies within our Group. At a time when Mental Health is becoming an ever more critical subject, our objective is to further increase our coverage to ensure that every project team has direct access to a Mental Health First Aider, bringing care for mental health closer in line with Physical First Aid. We believe that having an ‘in house’ capability is vital to ensuring that we can not only achieve, but maintain this objective of ensuring the right support is in place for our staff and their families.

Cheryl and Chris (Our new trainers) will be rolling out a training programme in early 2021 to bring this vision closer to reality.

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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