Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited to ensure that the working conditions within the Company are safe and healthy for all their employees.

Safety considerations receive the highest priority throughout all aspects of our field, laboratory and office based operations. The company Safety Management System and Project Plan are well established, and developed in conjunction with our parent company. Risk Assessments are prepared for all operations and sites.

Our Safety Management System conforms to HS(G)65 Guidelines and is regularly subject to external review and audit.

Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited are widely experienced in safety management acting as Principal Contractor under the current Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM).  The majority of works carried out by the company are carried out under CDM regulations where Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited act as the Principal Contractor.

Our training and awareness programme demonstrate our determination to drive down accident rates in pursuit of our goal of zero accidents. Induction courses, toolbox talks, training databases and safety improvement groups are all used within this process.

Whilst the ultimate responsibility for Safety is borne by the Chief Executive, we are of the view that each employee must recognise and carry their individual responsibilities. This is especially relevant to the lower levels of site management who control and direct the workforce on a daily basis. Without a clear commitment from such key personnel our planning and policies would be ineffective so the company ensures that all personnel in a supervisory position attend appropriate Site Management Safety training courses as a basis for further in-house and specialist training. The involvement of these personnel in risk assessments, planning and the formulation of safe methods of work further develops their ownership of safety and increases the commitment to the safety culture.

Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited is a leading member of the British Drilling Association and routinely contributes data that is used to produce the drilling industry accident records and statistics. We have frequently out-performed the industry average and continually strive to be the benchmark in safety for the UK drilling industry.

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BSI 18001 Certificate

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