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Soil Engineering are part of one of the largest and most capable Geotechnical Specialist groups in Europe, Soletanche Freyssinet. Delivering solutions across the full spectrum of geotechnical specialisms, our UK group is represented by:

Bachy Soletanche
Large Diameter Rotary Piling
CFA Piling
Cased Secant Piling
Secant / Contiguous Walls
Diaphragm Walls
Website: https://www.bacsol.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@bacsol.co.uk

Vibro Menard
Vibro stone columns
Vibro / dynamic compaction
Controlled modulus columns
Band drains
Vacuum consolidation
Website: https://vibromenard.co.uk/
Email: sales@vibromenard.co.uk

Structural monitoring
Noise monitoring
Dust monitoring
Vibration monitoring
Data assessment
Website: https://www.sixense-group.com/en/
Email: enquiries@sixense.co.uk

Roger Bullivant
Piling – Driven precast
Piling – CHD/CFA
Precast Foundations (offsite manufactured)
Restricted access/mini-piling
Ground improvement
Website: https://www.roger-bullivant.co.uk/
Email: info@roger-bullivant.co.uk

Specialist Earthworks & Foundation Solutions
Soil Remediation
Groundwater Remediation
Cement and Lime Stabilisation
Waste Management and Disposal

Waste Treatment Facilities
Website: https://www.duntonenvironmental.co.uk/
Email: info@duntonenvironmental.co.uk

All of our Group Companies have the capability to deliver collaborative projects, and to share resources, ensuring that we can always provide the most effective solution for your geotechnical project.

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