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Soil Engineering are very proud to become the latest signatories to the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s People Matter Charter. We believe that this represents a waypoint on our developmental journey, and a marker of our continued commitment to our people. This commitment forms part of our roadmap to even greater success, through the continued inclusion and improvement of our people, both directly employed, and through our supply chain.

Key elements in our commitment to the Charter include:

Training and Development – We encourage our staff to take up training and development opportunities including Apprenticeships. This includes our ongoing commitment to the British Drilling Association Land Drilling Apprenticeship.

Wellbeing – We’ve recently supported two staff in becoming Mental Health First Aid Trainers. This allows us greater flexibility in training more people to have the skills needed to support their colleagues. We are committed to expanding our Mental Health First Aid capability beyond our current numbers.

Supply Chain – People matter in our Supply Chain too. We aim to continually protect human rights in our Supply Chain, and promote their engagement with the Charter.

Employment – We will continue to ensure our employees have the right to work for us. We will maintain our system of full compliance with HMRC legislation, and ensuring that our employees have access to appropriate employment benefits.

Fairness, Inclusion, Respect, Equality & Diversity – Not buzzwords, but a morally sound approach to employing, managing and developing people. We will be continuing our own training on these subjects, and encourage our staff and supply chain to access additional resources through the Supply Chain Sustainability School as part of their own learning journey.

In signing the People Matter Charter we’re pleased to take a place alongside several of our key clients. We’re also very pleased to join some of our supply chain in committing to the Charter, we hope to being joined by many more. But we’re most pleased to sign up to the People Matter Charter because they do. People Matter, our current employees, our future employees, and those in our supply chain.

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