Environment Day 2023

Every year we join our group colleagues across the globe in marking Vinci Environment Day. Providing a key opportunity for reflection, and refreshing our focus, Environment Day also gives our teams a chance to learn more about what we are achieving as a business, and to give us input as to where we can improve further.

Every year Environment Day is given a key theme, and in 2023 we are looking at water. A critical component of our project delivery approach in drilling, in grout mixing and in laboratory testing, we are working to better understand our water use across the business, and how we can decrease our demand without impacting our services. Environment Day 2023 sees the launch of our new Water Use Monitoring System. This point of use recording system is designed to better inform us about exactly where and how we consume water in our operations. Reducing our demand for water in our processes will not only help us, but will put less pressure on the supply of this vital scarce resource. This will also reduce our environmental impact through the embodied carbon emissions related to the treatment and transport of water.


The Environment Day 2023 update shows we are making steady progress on our 40×30 pledge, through a range of activities:

  • Appointment of a team of Environmental Champions to lead on individual innovations and sub-programmes,
  • Investment in driver coaching technology to reduce vehicle emissions through improvement of our drivers’ behaviour. Fuel use reductions in excess of 5% have been realised across our vehicle fleet through this measure alone,
  • We have undertaken successful trials on exciting technology which results in reduced emissions and fuel usage for both our drilling and vehicle fleets,
  • Collaboration with our supply chain to improve the efficiency of power generation and use on our sites,
  • Emphasis on securing HGV backload transport to decrease empty vehicle miles on the country’s roads. A sustained 20% of our HGV movements in the last 12 months have benefitted from this approach, and
  • Working with Leeds University to improve understanding of the Carbon Footprint of Geotechnical work.
Vehicle emission reduction expressed in terms of laundry cycles or trees
CO2 emission reductions from our road fleet between Environment Day 2022 and Environment Day 2023 amounted to over 29t. The equivalent of over 100,00 laundry cycles, or over 1400 trees


The results of these efforts, as shared with staff at Environment Day 2023 Events across the UK include:

Scope 1&2 Reductions in CO2e emissions of 7% between 2021 and 2022

Further reductions in Scope 1&2 CO2e emissions of 5.5% between January and August 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

What next?

We have ambitious plans to continue this positive progress in reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore look out for further updates on our journey towards our environmental ambitions.

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