National Consistency in SHEQ – ISO update

Soil Engineering recently extended an invitation to BSI to complete a full audit of our Coatbridge operations. Over the course of the three-day visit, the auditor examined our activities in the Coatbridge office and yard and on site, against the criteria for ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, and ISO 45001 Health and Safety standards. We were delighted to pass the audit and confirm Coatbridge on our audit scope.

So, what does this mean for our business, and for our clients? Along with our accreditations at the Leeds and Camberley offices, it ensures that all our works across the UK are undertaken to consistent standards. It provides assurance that our working practices are the same whether in Coatbridge, Leeds or Camberley. These accreditations indicate that our clients can expect consistent quality, environmental and health and safety management across all our projects nationally, and that our systems are equally well understood and implemented no matter the location. In essence, if your project is a small housing development on the South Coast of England, or a major infrastructure project in the Highlands of Scotland, you will receive the same levels of care, planning and attention every time.

Combined with our IT system accreditation to ISO 27001, and our Geotechnical Laboratory’s UKAS accreditation, these certifications are a clear indication that Soil Engineering maintain a demonstrable and coherent system for the safe and environmentally sensitive delivery of high quality geotechnical work. So when you need consistent high quality, delivered safely, contact Soil Engineering.

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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