Montrose Port, Berth 6 Renewal

Project Summary

In January 2013 Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited, were instructed by Arch Henderson (The Engineer) acting for and on behalf of Montrose Port Authority to carry out a ground investigation at Berth Six within Montrose Port. It was proposed to renew Berth Six by constructing a new quay wall, plus, repair a section of berth seven which had recently failed. The investigation comprised the formation of cable percussion boreholes selectively extended by rotary drilling techniques.

Montrose port is located on the River Esk, between the Montrose basin and the North Sea. . Berth six is located at the eastern extent of the north quay. The site comprised the section of quay wall from the eastern extent of the port, to the section of failed quay wall at the eastern extent of berth seven, including the slipway between to the two berths and the adjacent waters and quayside.

The purpose of this investigation was to determine the subsurface ground conditions along the line of the proposed new quay wall, as well as investigate the composition of the existing quay side.

Soil Engineering Solution

A total of six boreholes were formed to depths of up to 30.40m using conventional light cable percussion techniques together with 250mm, 200mm and 150mm diameter temporary steel casings. The boreholes were all formed in order to obtain samples for laboratory testing and to provide geotechnical information for the design. Four of the boreholes were formed from a jack-up platform set along the line of the proposed quay wall.

In order to obtain information on the solid geology beneath the site five boreholes were extended using rotary drilling techniques. These boreholes were extended using a SWF core barrel together with a protective semi rigid plastic liner and a Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) core bit or a Diamond Impregnated core bit with a recirculated water flush to ensure no arising went to sea or ground.

A programme of environmental and geotechnical testing was scheduled by the Arch Henderson. Geotechnical testing was carried out by soil Engineering’s in-house laboratory at Leeds whilst Macaulay Scientific Consulting Limited; a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 005 carried out the environmental testing.

Soil Engineering Value

Despite short working days, the site works were completed in just 2 weeks utilising in house drilling plant and resources to ensure successful delivery of all aspects of the project including health and safety, environmental and quality as well as programme.

1:00 AM Jan 1st

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