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Cable Percussion provides the foundation of many Geotechnical Investigations in the UK. With tried and tested methods, Soil Engineering can provide boreholes at up to 300mm (12”) diameter, and up to 100m in depth (at 150mm/6” diameter). Cable Percussion is a reliable methodology for the investigation of soft ground and some weak rocks, providing the opportunity to recover Class 1 Samples in suitable ground, and Insitu test data throughout. Cable Percussive Boring allows our crews to undertake Standard Penetration Tests, Permeability Testing, Borehole Vane Tests, and to produce undisturbed samples via UT100 and Piston sampling techniques.

Our Cable Percussive Drilling Crews are NVQ qualified in Land Drilling and undergo regular external BDA Audit to ensure standards of safety and quality remain high. Equipped as standard with a Landrover Defender to aid access and maneouver the drilling rig, our crews will always work with you to achieve the results you need. Supported by our Engineers, Project Managers and a dedicated Plant Team, our crews have access to a wide range of equipment and rigs. Soil Engineering can provide difficult access solutions using floating platforms, jackup barges, and craneage, to ensure that few places on land or water are out of reach. With the ability to install monitoring equipment and standpipes for both monitoring and dewatering, our Cable Percussive teams provide a comprehensive solution for your soft ground needs. Partnering the Cable Percussive teams with our Rotary Drilling Crews allows us to produce cost effective drilling solutions which recover optimal samples and data for your design.


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