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In an age when digital modelling and BIM have moved to the forefront of Construction and Engineering it is vital that Ground Investigation data be compatible with providing an ongoing legacy of design opportunity, and unlocking the potential of every site.

Digital Data Generation

Our Ground Investigation field crews utilise the latest in Keylogbook systems to create digital borehole records and sample identities at the rig, while our Engineers use parallel systems to create detailed geotechnical logs. These both output directly into AGS4 format, allowing rapid communication of mutually compatible data. Our Laboratory uses the latest Keylab system for sample and testing management, allowing test scheduling and reporting into and out of AGS4 format. This accelerates data handling and provides rapid updating of test programmes and data outputs.

Drilling Parameter Recording

To allow compliance with prevailing standards, and to maximise data extracted form boreholes, the majority of our Rotary Drilling Fleet is fitted with the Jean Lutz Parameter recording system. This enable our drilling rigs to report, to an accuracy of 10mm, variations on ground strength and strata via changes in rig behaviour. The DPR data output can be aligned with Driller’s logs, Engineers Logs, and Insitu test data to produce a comprehensive suite of information. This allows our Technical Team to pinpoint voids, zones of core loss, and strata variation, which can provide enhanced design opportunities. DPR can also be used in probing mode to augment cored hoes, and even to reduce the requirement for expensive coring, and allow correlation across sites at a reduced programme and budget.

Digital Data Reporting

Soil Engineering have been at the forefront of the AGS data format since its inception, and promote its use for all Ground Investigation data. Our dedicated Data Management Team ensure that all data is quality checked prior to transmittal, and can support our clients in determining the most appropriate manner and frequency for all data transmittal on every project. Producing Technical Data in AGS4 and visual outputs in CAD compatible formats, ensures that the data we supply is ready for use by designers the world over, from the moment of issue.


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